HA499 Unit 1: Evidence Based Research Methods and Skills – Discussion Topic: Career Skills Before you begin this discussion, review the “ Letters of Recommendation: How and Who To Ask” presentation. As you begin to apply for positions or look for advancement in the position you have, 1. describe how you plan to obtain letters of recommendation and from whom you wish to get them. 2. Who is an appropriate person to ask for a letter of recommendation? How should you request the letter of recommendation? 3. Should you say thank you or send a thank you note to the person who provides a recommendation? Please try to address each question. For this course, you will be required to demonstrate evidence-based practice. For each initial response, you are required to use a minimum of two APA-style sources to support your analysis.Paper need 300-350 words, should be original, well-written detailed, and strictly on topic with 1-2  APA-style scholar references.NO PHARGIARISM!!

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