1. InstructionsThis presentation will highlight your understanding of public key infrastructure (PKI). Imagine that you were asked to present to a group of new hires at your organization about how PKI works. Create a seven-slide PowerPoint presentation, and explain how PKI works.Slide requirements are listed below.Slide 1: Title slideSlide 2: PKI introduction slide (short paragraph)Slides 3-4: How messages are sent using PKI (use graphics and text)Slides 5-6: How messages are received using PKI (use graphics and text)Slide 7: Reference slide (list at least two references)Utilize graphics in your PowerPoint slides by using the “Insert” tab and clicking on “Online Pictures.” Use the slide notes function to provide a full description of the slides, explaining PKI as if the individuals you are briefing do not know anything about PKI. All sources should be cited in-text and included on the reference slide.2. Passwords are one type of access control. In a work environment, how often should a password be changed? How many characters and/or special characters, if any, would you recommend, and why? Do you regularly change your password(s) at home to align with the password requirements at work? Additionally, do you feel that most people update their passwords often enough? Why, or why not?

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