Assignments are designed for you to show your understanding of the unit materials. Make references to lesson materials, researched material, and Seminars as needed, using APA format. Compose your responses using Standard American English as described in the APA guidelines available at Kaplan University Writing Center. Please identify all papers and files using the format stated in the syllabus. You can use the Assignment sheet in the Doc Sharing area as a template for your answers. The Assignment is due in the Dropbox by end of day on Tuesday. Assignment Rubric in the syllabus will be used to grade this Assignment.HA425 Unit 9 Assignment: CQI’s Impact on Medicare and Public Health OrganizationsInstructions:Visit the Academyhealth’s Quality improvement in Public Health PDF website at: Doc Sharing: Download the article for the unit 9 Assignment “Quality Improvement in Public Health: Lessons Learned from the Multi-State Learning Collaborative” After reading the study:1. List the major concepts within the article2. Delineate the positive outcomes from the two case studies 3. Comment on the stated next steps Assignment must be 400-450 words, strictly on topic, original, and well detailed contributions to the quality of the discussion by making atleast frequent 2-3 informed scholar references.NO PHARGIARISM! Please thoroughly read the attached doc below and follow all instructions, grading rubric,  and requirements and answer all the questions accordingly for this assignment.

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