Abusive/Intimidating Behavior:this is a midterm project (graduate level), so plan to provide a QUALITY presentation. This project is includes a one-page summary of the topic you selected. APA format is not required. However, the summary should include 3 references to support the content (do not use dictionary or wikipedia).  The presentation should be no more than 10 minutes.  Incorporate any or all of the following in your oral delivery: critical thought, professional experiences that support the topic, how the topic relates to ethics in business/workplace, case studies, scenarios, classroom exercises, creativeness, role playing, life experience, how you would deal with the issue,  etc.  Other key points to consider:  how is this an emerging ethics issues in today’s environment and what techniques can be used to eliminate or reduce this circumstance in the workplace.The grade will be based on content, critical thought, and creative delivery.

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