Part I: Background of Social Issue (1 page):Describe your selected social issue, its importance, and pertinent background information.Evaluate the impact of this social issue on the delivery of health and human services efforts (e.g., formal organizational responses by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, resulting legislation, policies, etc.).Part II: Theory and Research Related to Social Issue (1 page):Develop a brief research-based report demonstrating research theory and methodology by analyzing the scholarly literature related to this topic, including theories explaining the problem as well as research studies and their associated methods and outcomes.Part III: Best Practices Related to Social Issue (1 page):Apply a working knowledge of U.S. health and human services delivery of care by explaining best practices related to the issue. What interventions, strategies, or approaches have been shown to be most effective as evidenced by research?Part IV: Human Service Professionals Related to Social Issue (1 page):Explain how and where human service professionals are involved in direct practice with populations affected by this social issue.Examine effective oral and written communication skills needed for these professionals to be successful.Analyze culturally competent health and human services elements necessary for service delivery related to clients facing social issue.Part V: Model Intervention (2 pages):Lastly, apply your knowledge of U.S. health and human services delivery of care as a whole to develop a model intervention in the form of a service, program, or initiative (from your Week Three Assignment proposal) for human service professionals who are working directly with clients facing this particular issue. This intervention must be unique in its approach and must be sufficiently supported by scholarly sources.Specifically, you are to do the following:Describe the intervention in detail: what it is, how and why it will be used, what makes it unique to other approaches, the population that will receive it,and how the best practice will be integrated into the intervention.Describe aspects of the delivery setting in which the intervention will be used, such as location/setting (e.g., social/human services agency, healthcare facility, in the field, etc.) and professionals involved (e.g., roles/duties, necessary competencies and skills required, etc.).Determine the components of successful health and human service delivery relationships at the (a) individual, (b) family, (c) group, (d) organizational, and (e) community levels. How will these components be used to support your intervention?Describe how you will apply technology (i.e., specific tools and resources) to deliver the intervention to clients facing the social issue.Assess the intervention’s perceived strengths and limitations.Explain how the intervention will be evaluated to determine its effectiveness.

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