Assignment DescriptionYou currently work for the development department of Sunny Manor Nursing and Rehab Center. Sunny Manor was once a privately owned small skilled nursing home in Sunny Beach, Florida until it was sold 6 years ago to a larger group of investors known for buying older nursing homes and developing them into larger more modern skilled nursing and rehab centers. Sunny Beach itself is a small retirement community close to larger beach towns. Most of the residents are 55 years or older, and there is a growing population of 70+ retired adults. However, the city is known for being technologically advanced for a retirement community. In fact, the city has a popular social media page followed by many residents and a very popular online newsletter that can be accessed through most social media programs. Also, 5 years ago, a brand-new hospital opened just outside of Sunny Beach. This brought some the top physicians and surgeons in the state to the area.Sunny Manor recently finished a major renovation, updating the previous long-term-care wings and adding a new wing with 20 new rooms. The new wing is solely dedicated to sub-acute rehab services, and the facility also added a new updated therapy room with an expanded therapy staff and modern high-tech equipment.After working in care coordination and admissions for the past several years, you have been promoted to the development department and tasked with marketing the new facility. The goal is to build a stronger relationship with the discharge staff and physicians at the new hospital and expand a broader reach to the community.The first step is for you to analyze and research the changing community and develop a marketing proposal for your boss, the director of development, on how to best connect with the community of Sunny Beach and increase referrals from the new hospital.For this task, develop a summary marketing proposal on the above scenario that includes the following elements:Evaluate      the potential impact of the updated facility and new therapy services on      potential improvements in patient satisfaction and developing new      marketing share. Assess      possible methods to build rapport within Sunny Beach and surrounding      communities. Develop      a plan for communicating with the community better through social media by      connecting Sunny Manor to the residents of Sunny Beach through digital      marketing. Provide      details on how ongoing research into the community will help Sunny Manor      stay ahead of the competition and well connected with community. Consider      concepts in monitoring the changing demographics of the community and      growing health care sector. Propose      a research design model including all the key elements of the research      design. Apply an assessment tool and implementation plan such as the Model      for Improvement (Plan-Do-Study-Act [PDSA]). Conclude      with recommending models and/or tools that will be used to evaluate the      effectiveness of the development teams’ efforts on an ongoing basis .The body of the resultant report should be 7–10 pages and include at least 7 relevant peer-reviewed academic or professional references published within the past 5years. Must follow the following DetailsIP ASSIGNMENT — No Abstract, Table of Content are requiredCRITICAL. Use HEADINGS in every IP paper to separate discussions. Here is an example 1st paper.Introduction  5      Contemporary best practices Loyalty      Repeat Customers Develop and      Defend 4 recommendations Initial      Training Plan for the Company Conclusion Paper needs to be organized and written by EACH bullet point – address each point methodically (6 bullet points this week’s IP 4) Do Not Change The Wording – or make your own heading words – use those words from each bullet point in EVERY assignment. Don’t lose (- 7poins) if it is not set up showing the above headings.

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