Business PresentationFor this assignment you will again assume a management role for the company providing e-courses in the second assignment.The company has received numerous complaints from dissatisfied customers about the long wait times when contacting the company to request information about courses they purchased. After assessing the problem, the company found the sales and the customer service departments operate in silos. Information about new courses, course updates, and discontinued courses are not shared in a timely manner between the two departments. In addition, when requests for information are transferred between departments, the questions often go unanswered.The company established a goal to decrease the wait time for customers and improve customer service satisfaction and has decided to adopt a new technology, Microsoft Teams. The new technology allows for a consistent free flow of information between departments. Microsoft Teams will allow employees from the two teams to chat at any time, video call, and even share screens as necessary. It will also be connected to their emails and calendars to provide them with information about who is available to answer questions at any given time.In adopting the new technology, the employees will continue to perform their current job duties but will work closely as teams, share information, and communicate in a unified voice to assist customers.As a manager, you are responsible for communicating the change, reasons for the change, and goals of the change to the employees in a video presentation. You will create a PowerPoint presentation and record yourself making the presentation using the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder. For instructions on how to record and upload your video to Blackboard, refer to Kaltura Capture, located in the left-hand menu.For the presentation you should:Identify the changes occurring in the company and how they will affect the employees.Provide rationale and examples for why the change is occurring.Explain how the change will improve their current situation.Create an engaging PowerPoint presentation that is both easy to read and relevant to what is being said out loud.Write clear speaker notes with each slide to indicate what will be said during the presentation.Your PowerPoint presentation should meet the following requirements:Include a title slide with the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date of submission.Five to seven slides total with bullet points.A consistent visual theme throughout each of the slides.Contain relevant information on each slide that contributes to the explanation of the topic.Use fonts styles, sizes and colors that are easy to see and formatting that makes the slides easy to read.Include the notes for each slide in the speaker notes section of the slide.Your speaker notes combined with your slide content must thoroughly address each of the topics.Include a references list on the last slide using the Strayer Writing Standards format.

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