Corporate Social ResponsibilityIn this assignment please read the articles in your background readings and respond to the following: Describe corporate social responsibility.Describe corporate social irresponsibility.Where do you stand on the issue of CSR v CSI? Do corporations have a right to ignore their responsibility to some stakeholders in order to add to the short term bottom line? Provide a well-reasoned response and do some of your own research to provide some examples to support your arguments.Assignment ExpectationsYour paper should be 2–3 pages, double-spaced and in 12-point type size.Your paper should have a separate cover page and a separate reference page. Make sure you cite your sources. Use APA style, and proofread your paper.Required ReadingTerris, D. (2013). Chapter 4: Vulnerabilities. In Ethics at work: Creating virtue at an American corporation. Waltam, MA: Brandeis University Press. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library (ProQuest Ebook Central). Read pages 117-154.Popa, M., & Salanta, I. (2014). Corporate social responsibility versus corporate social irresponsibility. Management & Marketing, 9(2), 117-154. Available from ProQuest Central in Additional Library Resources.Lindgreen, A., & Swaen, V. (2010). Corporate social responsibility. International Journal of Management Reviews, 12(1), 1-7. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.Mujtaba, B. G., & Cavico, F. J. (2013). Corporate social responsibility and sustainability model for global firms. Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics, 10(1), 58-75.The following tutorial provides detailed information that can be applied to the topics of this course. There are a number of videos and lessons on ethics.

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