Reflection essay paper please focus on the questions and concept listed, while adhereing to proper writing mechanics and APA formating standard 3 1/2 to 4 pages long.1.       in the article leadership that gets results, ‘Daniel Goleman suggest that there is a relationship between three concepts: the elements of emotional intelligence, the six leadership styles, and an organization’s climate. Describe the way he believes that these concepts influence each other. You may include a drawing with boxes, arrows, and the like if that helps you explain your thinking. Ultimately, he argues that concepts influence organizational performance. Do you think he makes a compelling case for his position?2.       Goleman uses an imagine of a golf bag with multiple clubs in it. What does this imagine symbolize?3.       Which leadership style is your primary style (i.e., which style do you utilize most frequently and feel most comfortable when using), which is your least preferred and which do you need to add to your repertoire? What is the impact on organizational climate of your primary style?  Which components of Emotional Intelligence do you need to develop to be more effective at the style that you’d like to add? How can you develop in those areas?Key terms and concept to use: big five personality traits, cognitive skills, competencies, conceptual skills, derailed careers, emotional intelligence, emotional maturity, emotional stability, interpersonal skills, locus of control orientation, needs for achievement, needs for affiliation, need of power, personalized power, self-awareness, self-confidence, social intelligence, socialized power orientation, technical skills

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