In this section of your project you will break down your project tasks into the knowledge areas studied in this and previous units and provide the following:A budget with cost breakdowns (You may prefer to use the templates for Budget Plan provided)Excel Budget Plan TemplateA schedule to include any critical paths that might exist and/or any dependencies between specific tasks. (You may prefer to use the templates for Project Schedule provided)Excel Project Schedule TemplateProvide the instructor with a resource plan for your project. (You may use the templates for Resource Plan provided)Excel Resource Plan TemplateIn a paper that is a minimum of 3 pages long, based on your calculations found using the provided templates, what is the total budget for this project? According to this analysis, identify clearly and concisely at least three areas where you see potential cost savings.For each of these areas of opportunity using your understanding of the project, explain a potential change in plan to reduce costs in the project. When making recommendations for cost reductions how can you ensure these cost reductions are in the best interest of the company, i.e. you aren’t sacrificing quality in order to cut costs.Your submission should follow the essentials of APA (i.e., cover page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, reference section at the end, in-text citations, etc.).Would you like information about how to format in APA?¬†Click here.Papers should be spell-checked and submitted to Grammarly prior to submitting your paper to the drop box.*Grammarly instructions can be accessed by clicking on this¬†linkGrammarly handoutGrammarly Student User Guide

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