Each week you will be working towards the completion of your Capstone Final Project. During Week Two you will complete the following assignments:Outline for PowerPointOutline for Oral ReportOutline and rough Draft of Written Report .This should be the first draft (60- 70% of word count 1000 word minimum). Resources need not be included but may be noted for insertion.Annotated BibliographyTo help with the outline this is what the finished powerpoint will have to be:PowerPoint presentations must be a minimum of twelve slides (not including Title Page), must include graphics, a printed hand out and a copy of your speech or speaking points.  The hand out (summary/flier) should be at least one page. It should contain pertinent information about the presentation and be visually engaging.  In a clear, succinct and user friendly manner include the information the viewer would need to remember about the presentation.I am inluding the full instructions to make sure that all information was given so outlines will be completeREQUIREMENTS FOR POWER POINT:(1)   The presentation should be at least 12 slides not including the Title Page.(2)    The Power Point should include graphics and a chart (if appropriate).(3)    You must include a handout or summary of pertinent points. It must be at least one page and no longer than two. It must be visually appealing. Save this as a separate PPT document and submit it in the “PowerPoint Presentation” assignmnet area in week 4.  The purpose is to give the viewer something to remind them of your presentation and remember the most important points.(4)    You may also include a short summary of your speech that would accompany the presentation. This need not be long. A paragraph explaining the details and elaboration you would provide orally. (unless you are using a voice over or sound).Oral Presentation CapstoneYour oral presentation assignment is to prepare a 5-minute speech based on your Final Written Report. (The speech should be approximately 4:30 minutes to 5:30 minutes, anything shorter or longer will incur penalties.) Speeches should demonstrate, explain and inform the audience of the basis of your thesis and the main points. The final paper should be 15 – 20 pages in length, not including title page, table of contents, and bibliography. The body of the report should be a minimum of 4000 words.The final paper should follow APA basic format including 1 inch margins, 12 point Times Roman type, double spaced and standard rules for manuscript preparation.The paper must have at least 6 references that are cited according to APA guidelines including proper in-text citations and a Reference List.The paper will demonstrate the student’s ability to use clear and concise writing at the college level.Paper should include: Cover Sheet, Table of Contents, Abstract, Introduction, Body and Conclusion, Reference Page and appropriate visuals, graphs, tables if appropriate. The paper should encompass the course materials learned throughout the student’s bachelor-level academic career. It should address a topic that affects or is related to the Healthcare Administration or Healthcare Management.

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