Sales success in part relies on being motivated within and also being happy with yourself. As mentioned in People buy from people whom they like. It is much easier for people to like you if you first like yourself and are motivated within to be successful.- create an action plan to increase your likeability and, ultimately, sales results. ReferĀ  Mackay 66. There are three steps that you can take:Examine your self-regard to see if you are showing up confident, relaxed and authentic.Create your own Mackay 66.Show up and live it.For each of these three steps listed above, evaluate and write a summary of how well you are doing these steps in your current job or in a past job. After you complete the evaluation, write a plan for improving in these areas. What specifically do you need to change in order to be more likeable by the customers and increase your sales potential?-2-3 pgs- 2 APA citations/ refernces

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