Examples and comparison may be used to explain answers. Complete sentences and proper grammar should be used when answering each question.  Identify each question you answer with the corresponding number. The questions should be answered in your own words and if quotes are used, they should not be more than 10% of the answer.  Follow APA format and include at least two references. Approved references are books, published journals and professional magazines.  Course notes and lecture notes are not approved references.1.   Discuss how the Pension Protection Act strengthened employer-sponsored retirement plans?2.  What is lockout?  How is lockout used in labor negotiations?3.  What is collective bargaining?  What is involved in the collective bargaining process?4.  What is phased retirement?  How does phased retirement benefit both employees and employers?5.  How do employers benefit from outplacement and off boarding?6. Define burnout and discuss the warning signs of burnout.  How can burnout be prevented?7. Describe how legal factors influence the conduct of business globally?8.  Explain the importance of conducting background investigations in the global environment?9. Discuss the relationship between alcohol abuse and stress.  As a human resource manager,  why is it important to recognize the warning signs of both.10.  What are some common reasons that CEO’s and other top executives are fired?

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