Sociologist Lewis Mumford said that language was the most important and significant __________ humans use. (Points : 1)       abstraction       construction       container       dividerQuestion 2. 2. A test question that asks you to infer the answer from what is presented in a text passage is a(n) ________________ question. (Points : 1)       “right there”      “think and search”      “author and you”      “on my own”Question 3. 3. Critical writing (Points : 1)       has little in common with critical thinking.       is a skill you are born with: either you have it or you don’t.       gets easier the more you practice it.       is used in essays, but not with other types of assignments or test questions.Question 4. 4. One key way critical writing differs from critical reading is the following: (Points : 1)       In critical writing you primarily use words, whereas in critical reading you primarily use visual images.       Critical writing is primarily about writing easy-to-understand sentences, whereas critical reading is primarily about taking in large amounts of information and memorizing it for future use.       Critical writing is far more involved with analysis and finding patterns than critical reading is.       In critical writing, information flows from your head into written words, whereas in critical reading, information flows from written words into your head.Question 5. 5. Which of the following can you use in a paper without being ethically required to acknowledge the source? (Points : 1)       Someone else’s language       Someone else’s idea       Information that is common knowledge       Information that few people knowQuestion 6. 6. For most critical writing tasks, you will need to use (Points : 1)       all four Learning Patterns.       the Confluence Pattern and at least one other Pattern.       only the Sequence and Precision Patterns.       the Sequence Pattern only, because a good outline is crucial.Question 7. 7. When you seek to determine the central idea of a specific section of a book or article, you are primarily engaging these two Learning Patterns: (Points : 1)       Sequence and Confluence.       Precision and Confluence.       Sequence and Precision.       Technical Reasoning and Precision.Question 8. 8. Applying critical thinking to your college studies requires (Points : 1)       quickly skimming reading assignments to find the main point.       basing your opinions on facts and carefully assessing information and ideas.       refraining from asking any questions until near the completion of an assignment .       writing a first draft of a paper that is so good it won’t require any editing.Question 9. 9. If you see the words “imagine” or “propose” in a question, you know that you should think with the __________ Learning Pattern in determining the answer. (Points : 1)       Sequence       Precision       Technical Reasoning       ConfluenceQuestion 10. 10. Whenever you write, this question should always be of the highest importance: (Points : 1)       “What most interests me about this topic?”      “Who is my audience?”      “How fast can I write this?”      “What Learning Patterns should I use?”Question 11. 11. Which of the following phrases best captures the process of critical reading? (Points : 1)       Spending adequate time reading the text       Identifying the main topic of the text       Listing facts in the text       Engaging with the textQuestion 12. 12. When you have developed a position and are defending it using clarity, accuracy, and the presentation of key supporting facts, you are primarily using the (Points : 1)       Sequence Learning Pattern.       Precision Learning Pattern.       Technical Reasoning Learning Pattern.       Confluence Learning Pattern.Question 13. 13. If you look at a list of important critical-thinking skills and see that you are deficient in one of them, you should (Points : 1)       determine what combination of Learning Patterns you will use to become competent in that skill.       acknowledge that you will always be deficient in that skill and decide to avoid developing it.       tell your instructors about your deficiency and ask for assignments that accommodate it.       make sure you always work with one or more people that are strong in that skill.Question 14. 14. A test question about a specific fact, like “Who was president of the United States when the Great Depression began,” is a(n) ________________ question. (Points : 1)       “right there”      “think and search”      “author and you”      “on my own”Question 15. 15. Faced with a timed test consisting of short-answer and essay questions, a person who is strongest Use First for the ____________ Learning Pattern will struggle most to overcome the desire to answer the questions in order. (Points : 1)       Sequence       Precision       Technical Reasoning       Confluence

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