Deliverable Length:   3,500-4,000 words, not including cover or reference pagesYour policy proposal should be 8–10 pages formatted in the APA style, and it should include 8 quality references, 4 of which are from peer-reviewed health care journals.In this final project, imagine you are the chief executive officer (CEO) of your health organization, and you are asked by your organization’s board of directors to prepare a policy proposal to be submitted to your local area Congressperson.In this policy proposal you are defending, challenging, or both the policy mandate. You need to use the information that you have learned over the past weeks about health care management in the U.S. to address the following:From your research over the course of the last few weeks, assess what impact do you think the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) will have on the uninsured population in your local community or region? Evaluate and prioritize the importance of the provisions studied in previous weeks (e.g., Medicare, Medicaid, and the individual mandate) from the most important to the least important. State the reasons you ranked the provisions in the order you presented. Analyze the potential success or failure of this Act based on your organization and your local health care needs. Justify your opinion. Discuss future implications of this Act’s success or failure. Recommend policy updates, changes, revisions, and so forth to the PPACA that will address the opportunities and challenges that your organization and local community may deal with.

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