HIi want this answer about this questions from this book chapter 5,6,7,8,9,10TEXTS:  Milestones in Mass Communication Research:  Media Research, 3rd Ed.Lowery & DeFleur ISBN 0-8013-1437-2please i want ownwords ans rephrase sentances and easy verb also try to write exacly answer and omportant about questions please not longe answersDiscuss the concept that attitude and opinion change were considered to be measures of personal. This was because they were assumed to be enduring. Is this assumption still applicable today? Why and how? .(chapter 8)In light of the information presented in “personal Influence: The Two Step Flow of communication (chapter 9)” “project Revere(chapter 10)” and several outside articles, discuss the concept of a “minimal effects” theory of mass media influence. Persuasive studies have examined four basic area, the communicator, the message, the audience and audience responses to persuasive communication attempts, discuss the each of these concepts in light of the information in the text and readings.. A. Why are new ideas so difficult to penetrate established social groups? Adoption concepts must move logically within society and must be addressed by significant subgroups of that society before they effectively penetrate the social consciousness of the larger population. What protects typically are followed and why do they indeed act as protocols? Please use your text material, outside readings as well as other information. . Discuss the effects of negative appeals on persuasion. Hovland et al should get the discussion started.  5. Discuss the concepts of message diffusion through society and address the processes involved: also, is the initial medium a determiner of diffusion. If so why or if not, why? 6. Compare and contrast the two articles “communication research and the concept of the mass” and Demassifying the media. 7.  Discuss the concepts contained within the general thinking of the research Directed toward “uses and gratification” studies of the mass media. 8. The current reading addressed various of propaganda. The text addressed propaganda and the Video presentation also mentioned propaganda. Either by name or by allusion, identify propaganda, define pertinent terms discuss its functions and explain why propaganda and its evasion is an important area in media effects studies.

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