Here the instructions for my exam from the instructor feedback:The memo is well organized–you clearly present your ideas.The committee senses that all 3 services need to be offered at Target. What is needed is a totally new program titled “Your Target” where these plus other consumer services are featured.Your first two concepts are easiest to develop because they mainly call for partnerships with exiting national brands (CVS for health care and one major financial institution for the banking services). Your third concept calls for extensive new logistic skills that will take time to develop.The committee asks that you use the working title “Your Target” to develop a variety of consumer services.  The first two to get this program started will be the “Minute Clinic” and “Banking”.  Please develop a full marketing plan for the new “Your Target” consumer services.This means that I need someone to develop a market plan for the first two proposed service which are the minute clinics and retail banking concepts. The name of the marketing plan should be “Your Target Consumer Services.” Please look at the memo I have typed as a guide to where I am going with this concept. I have attached my memo with the proposed services and the instructions for the marketing plan as well.Please include this information in how to market the minute clinic services:The online/digital communication tool that I would use to promote CVS Minute Health Clinics at Target Stores is through the use of electronic media such as social networking sites. These communication platforms can be used to promote certain behaviors thus influencing decision-making. By using social media, people stay in touch with each other, and they can provide a mean for health clinics to permanently communicate with the existing patients and potential ones. Furthermore, social media can be used to advertise and promote the Minute health clinics at Target stores, by posting information about discounts, offers, and advantages of accessing the services provided by CVS and Target. Digital methods such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat will be used to promote the medical and health care services at CVS Minute Clinics at Target Stores in order to expand the business operations of both CVS and Target. Therefore, this strategic way of thinking an is an effective business tactic to attract new patients and to offer them quality health care services, while ensuring satisfaction and the probability of recommending the health clinics further to other customers and clients. Social networking sites are very important in the advertisement and promotion of the CVS Minute Health Clinics at Target Stores. I believe that using digital methods such as social media is a vital integrated communication and marketing tool because companies have faced significant growth in the use of electronics by clients and consumers. Hence, Target and CVS need to incorporate these new technologies in their promotional strategies to keep up with the changes in marketing demands. Even though the Internet and digital methods are not the cheapest way to market directly to people, but it does create new opportunities to promote and advertise to customers and clients virtually by overcoming distance and geographic obstacles and making people aware of the medical and health services offered by Target and CVS at any time and any place.Target / CVS using various social media tools to reach prime consumers.  I think the Target website is probably the most important of the various Internet tools. Also, we should not forget that there is one VERY important tool that does not rely upon the Internet: In-store merchandising.  Communicating about the CVS services inside the Target store is critical. This is where the loyal Target customer can be reached as they are active in spending money. Also, they are only a minute or two from the pharmacy, so visual and oral messages throughout the store is a very important part of the communications mix

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