Human Resource Management wk 8When a U.S. company expands from domestic markets by exporting, what are some of the HRM challenges the company faces? What challenges will be presented when a company changes from simply exporting to operating as an international company? When an international company becomes a global company? Use examples from current news stories or articles to support your answer.Read “Taking Responsibility: BP Australasia’s Sustainable Workforce” at the end of chapter 15 and answer the following questions and support your answer:a. Discuss some of the challenges Waterman faces as an American leading an Australian company.b. What are the differences between HRM at a U.S. company and at BP Australasia?c. Identify the diversity initiatives at BP Australasia that would be effective in a U.S. company.What are the elements of a high-performance work system? Which of these elements impact human resource management, and why?If deception can win a company customers, employees, and investors, how can high performance be impacted by ethical behavior?

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