I need a response to below Statement:This question will always be controversial, each side may have a valid argument, but I strongly disagree with the statement based upon my own personal experiences as a black woman in this country.Title V111 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on: race, color, religion, national origin including sexual orientation and gender identity. (Dessler 2013)“Despite many protestations to the contrary, America is still a class, gender, and race-based society where it is easier to get ahead if you are white, male, and middle class. In a country where your name matters (studies have shown that people with ‘black’ names find it harder to get a job interview than those with ‘white’ names) and where women are still in the minority in the senior ranks of the professions, affirmative action is sadly still a necessity”.Affirmative Action has opened many doors for me that would have otherwise been closed. I was qualified and still had to work twice as had to prove myself. Nepotism is another reason unqualified applicants are hired. This not only reflected in the hiring process but also in education as well. “Looking at examples of states where affirmative action is not in place, we can see what would happen if it were to end. In 1996 California passed a motion that prohibits preferential treatment on the grounds of race – effectively ending affirmative action in the state. Since that time, the number of students from minority ethnic groups attending university has dropped in percentage terms from 81% of applicants in 1995 to 64% in 2011. In UCLA, the number of black students has fallen by 52% and Hispanic students by 43%”.“Universities in California use other policies to try to increase diversity within their schools such as working on outreach to low-income communities, but they are not as efficient. Class based admissions systems in California led to a 70% decrease in the number of Black and American Indian students enrolling in the School of Law. Because neutral policies are applied to a non-neutral society where race is still important, they are inherently unequal. Minority applicants simply cannot compete on the same playing field as non-minorities”.A friend of mine marched with Caesar Chavez to rectify the discrimination and injustices that field workers encountered in California. They were shot at, attacked by dogs, and encountered harassment and intimidation.Knowing that I live in a country where I am judged by my ethnicity, I was raised not to expect preferential treatment but to strive towards excellence. I realize that unfair treatment can happen to anyone at anytime this is just my opinion and my experience. Being a Christian helps me to see myself as a member of humanity and equal with everyone. We are all equal in God’s sight.  I welcome responses!

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