NO PLAGIARISM Purpose of AssignmentStudents start to think about how change may impact an organization, how leadership is effective or ineffective in communicating, and to hear from other students about types of changes experienced or researched. Organizations are impacted by change both internally and externally.Assignment StepsChoose an organization at which you have worked or with which you are familiar. Examine the type of change experienced (current or past employer or a company that your facilitator approves). This is an organization you will be using throughout the entire class.  Reflect on how the leadership introduced/announced the change and the reason for the change. Prepare a graphic that illustrates your analysis of the change and in 1,050 words, cover the following:Identify the type of changeExplain how the change was communicatedIdentify which leaders were involved in the communicationIdentify the change model (if possible) Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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