In 2015, Human Resource Consultants of Hamilton, Ontario, employed 10 consultants (including 2 trainees), 5 administrative assistants 2 clerical assistants, an office manager/accountant, and a marketing representative. Consulting work and administrative work are both expected in increase by 20 percent in 2016. However, a new computer system, which will be operational by January 1, 2016 will do the equivalent of 80 hours of administrative work per week and 40 hours of clerical work per week (but will require maintenance of 40 hours per week). As of January 1, 2016, a number of employees are leaving the firm. Bill, a 64-year old consultant, is planning to retire; Jonah, a Queen’s MBA and first year consultant trainee, has accepted a position with CUSO; Clara, the senior administrative assistant (and supervisor of the support staff), has signed to join Ontario Consultants  and is taking two other administrative assistants with her; and Herman, the office manager/accountant, is planning to move to Western Canada.Determine the human resource needs at Human Resource Consultants for 2016.

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