2000 words(Font size 12, either Arial /Times New Roman with paragraph text at 1.5 line spacing) MIN 20 APA Citation Referencing Assignment Question: An organisation was established 3 years ago and has earned an outstanding reputation throughout Singapore. It is planning to send a team of ten senior level executives to an overseas assignment in their newly established offshore subsidiary for a period of one year to handle different aspects (roles) of an important project that requires strong team spirit and creative mind.You are the Human Resource Director of this organisation and have been appointed by your CEO to prepare and equip the team members with the necessary knowledge and information of this country and the climate/culture of the overseas subsidiary. This is aimed to assist them to not only survive but also perform well in the overseas assignment as a team. The CEO prefers to send a good mix of diverse team members for this posting, in attempt to achieve a better level of creativity and innovation. Taking these into consideration, you plan to research on the subsidiary country with regard to its history, climate, culture, language, custom, working style etc. so as to cater to the following diverse characteristics/background of the assignees and their preferences:• Different religion• Different gender• Different family background• Different Languages • Different diets• Different sports and leisure activities etc.When researching on the country that the team members are going to stay for the next one year, you must bear in mind that these team members have not worked overseas before. Your pre-overseas assignment briefings and trainings are all very crucial to their performance in future. Your write-up must critically analyse the following aspects based on:1. Introduction of the chosen country and scenario & context of International HRM (Human Resource Management) 2. Organisation design and structure of the overseas subsidiary in comparison with the headquarters in Singapore (Apply Hofstede national cultural dimensions to discuss the differences between home and host countries) 3. Analysis of the staffing process for the overseas assignment. Critically analyse the staffing strategy of the right candidates for the overseas assignment. E.g., In Recruitment, do you want to deploy people from within or recruit employees from outside? For selection, which THREE (3) selection tools (including test) do you want to adopt? 4. Analysis on the training and development process of the international assignees. Training and developing the international assignees taking into consideration of the before-and-after-overseas posting of human resource development. 5. Analysis on the remuneration package of the international assignees. The remuneration package of the international assignees taking into consideration of compensation approach (e.g., balance sheet approach) and of the before-and-after-overseas posting of remuneration package adjustment) 6. Conclusion (submission and conclusions are well considered and take into account the personnel strategies of the company) Note: Very good or excellent formulation of point 4 & 5 is required

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