The Footrace provides opportunity for you to fully prepare for the Comp-XM final exam. The instructions for how to sign up for the footrace is below. If you complete eight rounds in the footraces and you are profitable any round you will get full points for the assignment. If you complete all eight rounds and are not profitable by then you lose 10 points. Profitable just means you are not losing money; it does not matter how profitable you are. If you complete up to four you will get 75 points. The footraces are great practice for the CompXM final exam coming up in week 5.2. To register for the footrace you need to:Go to Click on ///”Log in or Register///” in the top right.Next, click the ///”Student Registration///” button.If you agree to the terms of usage on step one then select ///”I Agree///” and continue with initial registration.On step two, enter your industry ID provided by your Professor (Industry number changes each physical year) and then continue to step three.Enter your account information on step three.  Continue to step four.At this point, you can return to get started playing the footrace whenever you are ready.  NOTE: When it asks you to name a company and contact your instructor, just name it whatever you want as you will be running Andrews either way.You should only register one account in the footrace industry.  If you finish the simulation and wish to have your simulation reset then please email and they will restart your simulation for you.

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