Job Description-AssignmentChapter # 6 60 PointsYou are responsible for developing a job description and three (3) interview questions to be used to fill the position. The agency is an internationally based, for-profit, counseling agency. A significant portion of the client population served by the agency is multi-cultural individuals with disabilities. The agency is located in a metropolitan area in Oklahoma.Due to the size of the community, agency, and population served, all employees are required to provide direct client services when needed. The Executive Director has decided to take a position with the agency overseas.  First, considering the above information, develop a job description for the Executive Director position.  The following information is the minimum which must be included in your job description:·       Title·       Two agency goals·       Summary of Position·       Detailed Job Duties/Responsibilities.·       Identify credential(s) required and/or preferred·       Education required and/or preferred·       Identify organizational and managerial skill set(s) required and preferred·       Work experience required and/or preferredThis section is worth 25 points.Second, design three (3) interview questions that could be used to determine an individual’s ability to perform the job as you stated. Be aware that basic, introductory interview questions will not be accepted as meeting this requirement. You are trying to ascertain ‘fitness’, suitability, and readiness for the position.I have included a rubric with point values under the rubric tab for your consideration. In addition, I would encourage a review and incorporation of prior class materials learned to complete this activity successfully. The activity is valued at a total of 60 points.

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