This file MKT 450 Week 4 Discussion Questions and Summary has answers of these questions: 1. How does international marketing differ as related to e-business and e-commerce? What are some international marketing issues related e-business? What are some of the international marketing issues related to e-commerce? Is it necessary to retain traditional international marketing strategies while developing new strategies for e-business marketing? Why or why not? 2. What type of technological infrastructure might you consider in developing an international marketing strategy? What are some of the considerations in developing an Internet marketing strategy in relation to the international market? How might your organization utilize the Internet to achieve international marketing objectives? 3. Assume you were recently promoted to director of international marketing for a medium-size corporation manufacturing, marketing, and selling products. Your company has not utilized e-business prominently outside of the U.S., and one of your first objectives is to utilize e-business and e-commerce internationally. Discuss how you might utilize these marketing strategies, including what specific areas you might investigate, and plan toward meeting that objective. and also Week 4 Summary.

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