MSHR 625 – Term Project My company is Dollar General. This has to be exact on APA format and citations. They are very picky. Any Quoted material has to be done exactly like APA with quotaion marks and citations. 1) Review the following summary from MSHR 600:  Describe the Recruitment and Selection activities at your organization.  Include in your analysis, information on: – Internal Policies on Recruitment (i.e. posting for postings/promotion process)        – External Sources Used, including Social Media – Selection Process, including Interview Processes, Background Checks,   2) Expand your initial paper to include:  – Branding considerations  – Job Analysis Processes            – Human Resource Planning Activities  – Use of Personality Assessments   3) Make at least 3 recommendations for ways in which to improve any of processes listed for #1 or #2   4) Evaluation of the recommendations – how will you know if your recommendations were successful or not.  This section should list and explain all metrics and measures used and should identify both quantitative and qualitative metrics should be included.  *Resource material should be used for items #3 and #4 **One comprehensive paper should be submitted that includes the initial analysis and items 2-4.   **All resources should be included and cited according to APA format.

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