For this assignment you will need to complete an essay in response to the following task:


Drawing on your understanding of abnormality as a contested concept, critically examine at least two methods of defining abnormality and the influences of heredity and environment on two of the following disorders:


1.    Depression

2.    Schizophrenia

3.    Eating Disorders

4.    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

5.    ADHD

6.    Autism

7.    Phobias


Since this is an essay you should not use any headings/sub-headings. Your work must include an introduction and conclusion. The work should be referenced in accordance with Harvard and should be between 1500-2000 words.


For this assignment you will need to complete an essay in response to the following task:

Your work should describe and evaluate two different ways in which abnormality can be defined (AC 1.1) for example, Deviation from Social Norms, Failure to Function Adequately, Deviation from Ideal Mental Health, Statistical Infrequency.


You will need to consider two classification systems for the diagnosis of mental illness (AC 1.2) for example the DSM and the ICD. You should consider the strengths and weaknesses of these classification systems.


You will need to choose two disorders from the list above and for each disorder you must identify and discuss key features e.g. symptoms and diagnosis (AC 2.1). Furthermore, for each disorder you must evaluate the influence of heredity and environment to its development (AC 2.2) e.g. the influence of genetics vs. family dysfunction.


It is recommended the issue of culture is considered throughout your essay where appropriate (AC 3.1). For example, you may wish to consider the issue of culture when defining abnormality as well as in its diagnosis.


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