need it in 12 hrs…….1000 words paper required……………ppt attached, please convert it to paper using the below mentioned instruction (must rewrite ppt to pass through plagiarism)Scenario: You are sole proprietor presenting to a group of investors where you are seeking 20 million dollars to raise capital for your manufacturing company.Prepare 1000 words paper for your potential investors including both parts:Part I:Choose the one form of organization best suited for your manufacturing company and explain why:· Partnership· Limited Liability Partnership· Limited Liability Company (including single member LLC)· S Corporation· Franchise· CorporationOutline for the investors which form of organization (from the list of six under the first bullet) would be the least suited and why?Part II:Address the following for the investors regarding the corporate form of organization only (from the list of six under the first bullet):· Summarize for investors what legal liabilities could arise for the Director or officer of that board?· Explain how you could minimize those liabilities for the Director or officer of that board?Cite a minimum of three scholarly references. One scholarly reference must be from the University Library. Format your paper consistent with APA Guidelines.

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