Week 5 Discussion 2Due on or before Wednesday, June 21, 2017 at 9:00 p.m. CSTUnderstanding the responsibility and concerns of healthcare is important in creating policies that leadership can use to streamline success. If strategic leadership is not realized over time,  healthcare organizations’ political influences may face challenges and create public disinterestedness in health policies.  These issues create restrictions  on the healthcare organization’s ability to meet its financial budget, gain community’s trust and involvement, and secure  political influence(s). This negatively impacts the overall performance of the healthcare organization. The ideas of process innovation, risk taking, health building analysis, and governance greatly impacts “sense-making” for those being led. These ideas bring understanding to the role of governance in the organization. Review the case study “Australian Surgery Indicator Makes the Front Page” in Chapter 15 of your textbook and discuss the following questions in a minimum of 250 words:After your review, do the conclusions you draw from the case justify the headline? Why or why not?   Discuss the indications found in Table 15-1 and their effect on the health care organizations efficiency in elective surgery.Evaluate the avoidable rate of canceled surgeries and develop an implementation plan to overcome the concerns.

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