Instructions:  Compose a 2-3 page (recommended-but you can go over) written document (follow the Writing Mechanics per APA-located at the end of this document) that will include the five sections identified below:Section One:  Illustrate (Explain) the value of a training needs assessment (TNA) in an organization in general, supporting your response (with referenced material).  Based on your research, how does Maersk implement TNA? Section Two: Identify and describe the components of a needs assessment used to determine the training requirements of a Customer Service – CARE Business Partner in Maersk.Section Three: Describe the importance of creating Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-oriented (SMART) objectives for a training plan.  Describe why it is important for Maersk to implement SMART objectives?Section Four: Explain the importance of developing learning activities for a Maersk Customer Service – CARE Business Partner training program.Section Five: Describe how you would incorporate adult learning principles and methods of experiential learning from this OL 211 course into the Maersk Customer Service – CARE Business Partner training program. (Experiential = learning through doing/actions).Make sure the descriptions are clear and detailed by providing scholarly examples. Your assignment must show you have keen insight into the needs of adult learners. Use scholarly research (references) to contextualize (related) to your claims (descriptions and statements).Writing Mechanics per APA:In addition to your written paper, ALL assignments must include a title page and a reference(s) page.Use 12-point Times New Roman Font; Double space; One-inch margins.Citations and references must be formatted according to APA style.Writing is free of errors and written in a professional and easy to read format.Use scholarly research and references (to substantiate your claims) to contextualize (how is it related) your claims/evidence/statements/comments (using descriptions and statements).

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