please read the directions and respect them!1- Are family values shaped by mass media?2-Should access to abortions be restricted? we are using this book: Human Ecosystems and Technological Change, 9th edition  Author: Ezell at al., Published by MCG CUSTOMIn order to discuss these issues, I want you to think about the issues and consider with whom you agree and whom you do not. Explain your thoughts and feelings on each of the given issues. In order to receive full credit on these postings, you want to make sure you address BOTH sides of the issues by citing examples the authors present and then tie in your own views and thoughts.  You can also consider how the topics relate to a larger picture? What is the effect on society as a whole? Or you can also share whether or not you believe the author credible in the way he or she states the argument and if not, why? Does the author make a valid point? Does he seem reliable, arrogant, unreasonable, insightful, etc? And how does all of this change (or not change) your feelings about the issue? Remember, simply posting your opinion on the topic will not get you full credit!

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