Please write an APA and refence Response to this.  Does not need to be seperated by questions.  It is just an overall respone.  300 wordsDo you think this committee could have prevented this conflict over getting its work done by the deadline? If so, how? If not, why not?Yes, the conflict could have been prevented if they took out of their mind the “we have time” and started working right away. Also, it shows a lack of motivations from the team and even doing double work for the reports that were completed already; it shows the little attention that is was already perform. They also seem unorganized because it never said that Marianna sends them an e-mail about the wedding, she just told them during the meetings, so the person that writes the notes did not catch it, or it was easy to forget.What could the committee chair have done early in the committee’s life to ensure that its members were in agreement about its work plan?The team seems that was form but never went to the “storming face-period of adjustment, and now they are bracing the consequences of not having the job on time and missing a person. Also, the team lacks a good dynamic for example “quality management of teams keeps the process organized, moves the agenda forward, informs the members and organization and maintains structure” (Rubino, L. G., Esparza, S. J., & Chassiakos, Y., 2014).Should the committee include Marianna’s name on its report? Why or why not?            Yes, they should include her name because she was willing to help and get the work done. Marianna did tell them several times about the wedding, yes did tell them but does not say that she e-mail them about the wedding and that would have been proof to defend herself.  She did remind them about the deadline and them to move forward but was not being listened. On a side note, if I were Marianna, I would have started gathering the reports, data, and information needed. Then send it to all the team members showing that yes, she’s leaving but she did not waste any time, and they can use the information.  ReferencesRubino, L. G., Esparza, S. J., & Chassiakos, Y.   (2014). New leadership for today’s health care professionals: Concepts and   cases. Burlington, MA: Jone & Bartlett Learning.

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