Create slide presentation in which you assess the key principles of external building security, then discuss ways to mitigate future risk.***2 SLIDES TOTAL NEED TO BE DONE, THEY ARE HIGHLIGHTED BELOW***Include the following:Part 1: Risk AssessmentA definition of risk and risk assessment.A list and description of the key principles of external building security.An assessment of each principle’s ability to withstand various types of attacks. 1 SLIDEA rationale and references to support your conclusions. 1 SLIDEPart 2: Risk MitigationDiscuss types of human resource investigations, and how these can be used to mitigate risk.Explain how to identify business crime activity and how early detection can be used to mitigate risk.Describe industrial espionage techniques, and how gaining an understanding of these techniques can be used to mitigate risk.Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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