This assignment is very similar to a regular DBA. There are two main differences.Difference 1: I will not post any question but you will initiate the discussion yourselves. You will need to find a recent business article (within the last two years) that discusses an HR-related topic in a country other than the U.S. E.g., Unions in China; Sexual Harassment in Russia, etc.Difference 2: Your Post 1 does not need any internal or additional external citation. It only requires the reference to the article you selected.Similar to a regular DBA, you will need to make two posts. Post 1 will contain a brief 300-400 word summary of your selected article. Post 2 will contain a response to ONLY ONE of your group member’s posts.  Post 2 (a response to a group member’s post) should contain both internal and external references. Tips:- Find an article that is HR-related (for example, “women abuse in India” is not HR-related, but “women in organizations in India” is.- Use a reputable source for retrieving your article (please do not use any consulting organizations). Examples of reputable sources: The New York Times, Bloomberg, SHRM, etc. Your summary and response should be within 300-400 words each.

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