Project writing       Q 1: Marketing Plan (Individual written report(Type: Marketing Plan ReportAssignments Uploading Date:  End of Week-8th Submission Date by students:  End ofWEEK- 12thWeight:                                       10 Marks   Task Description:                      1500 wordsBusiness Report format required. This means use:·         A title page,·         A 1-Pg Executive Summary, followed by the body of your report that covers the Chapter 11 Marketing Framework of the text(a) Company description, purpose and goals;(b) marketing situation;(c) marketing initiative briefly summarized;(d) detailed marketing strategy elaborating on initiative;(e) brief implementation priorities;(f) forecasting;(g) measurement and controls. This step-by-step format will be discussed in class.Choose any Saudi Arabian based company that you wish and identify a new marketing initiative for that company. Any aspect of marketing can be used.Criteria & Marking:The principles of marketing can be used to market goods, services and ideas. Your task is to use Marketing Management principles to develop a marketing plan. A detailed marketing plan is critical in creating and coordinating effective marketing activities.Your marketing plan must not exceed 1500 words and more than 1300 words and should be presented in report format.This means five to six pages (double line spacing and 2.5cm margins), plus a title page at the front end and a list of references at the backend. Given this is an applied task, you will have limited references – selected useful academic references- for example will need to be included. Any referencing style is accepted (preferable Harvard Referencing Style)Note: these References are not included in the word count.Submission:1.      All assignments submitted for grading must be word processed. Students must be able to produce an electronic copy of all work submitted. Creating a backup of all your computer files is highly recommended.2.      Important: All Submission will be checked via SafeAssign. SaveAssign is an online text-matching service available through the blackboard site. It enables students to submit electronic versions of their assignments via the internet, and generate a text-matching report. This service is designed to aid in educating students about plagiarism and the importance or proper attribution of any borrowed content. It is recommended that all students apply this service prior to submitting a hard copy of their assignments.Q 2: Presentation: Marketing Plan (5mins In class Presentation)Type: Oral PresentationDue Date: WEEK-13 to 15 (as can be decided by the instructor)Weight: 5 MarksTask Description: Professional oral presentation.Criteria & Marking:This is a 5 minute presentation that supports the essence of your marketing plan initiative. The presentation is done as a “Problem Solving” to the client (the Lecturer and the class members) in order to obtain acceptance of the proposal.

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