Question 10 out of 5 pointsEthical standards, or the proper conduct of research with full consideration of the subjects’ interests, became paramount in the wake of which one marker event.Question 20 out of 5 pointsWhich research is primarily about studying the efficacy of the preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic services applied to the individual patient.Question 30 out of 5 points3.Which two levels are concepts defined?Question 45 out of 5 pointsWhich research generally involves testing hypotheses developed from theories that are intellectually interesting to the researcher?Question 50 out of 5 pointsThe main body of a research proposal is:Question 60 out of 5 pointsWhat are the four types of research funding?Question 70 out of 5 pointsReanalysis of data or information collected by another research or organization and is commonly reapplied to quantitative data is-Question 80 out of 5 pointsThree special types of longitudinal studies areQuestion 90 out of 5 pointsWhich research is particularly oriented toward exploratory discovery and inductive logic?Question 100 out of 5 pointsWhich research can be defined as the use of systematic method to collect data directly from respondents regarding facts, knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors?Question 110 out of 5 pointsThe target group to which study results are generalized-Question 125 out of 5 pointsThe method used to select the sampling units and may be classified into probability and non-probability sampling methods-Question 130 out of 5 pointsWhat are the levels of measurements?Question 140 out of 5 pointsExamined by comparing the results obtained from the measurement with some actual, later-occurring evidence that the measurement aims at predicting-Question 155 out of 5 pointsAssigning numbers to questionnaire answer categories and specifying column locations for these numbers in the computer data file is called-Question 160 out of 5 pointsContains a list of all files in the database, the number of records in each file, and the names and descriptions of each field.Question 175 out of 5 pointsExamines the relationship among three or more variables at a time-Question 180 out of 5 pointsMeasures of central tendency consist of which measures-Question 190 out of 5 pointsStudies that translate scientific discoveries into practical applications are termed-Question 205 out of 5 pointsThe most popular means of communicating research results to the scientific community is to write an article for publication in a refereed-

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