Resistance Training Exercise Demonstration  Resistance training is one mode of exercise prescription.  The required reading from your course texts this week highlights various resistance exercises, along with pictures and a description for each exercise.   For this discussion, examine exercise prescription by selecting and demonstrating three strength training exercises.  To begin, select one exercise for each of the major muscle groups (lower, core, and upper body).  Ensure that you choose different exercises than those already selected by your peers; the goal of this assignment is to compile a large assortment of exercises among all class members. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose some of the less common exercises.   Then, decide on a presentation method for your exercises and review the respective Quick-Start Guide: Jing or Screencast-O-Matic.Each method will allow you to take pictures of yourself prior to the presentation. While presenting, you can simply click on the pictures (or the document containing your pictures) and add your verbal description on how to perform each exercise. Your chosen method should entail the following components for each exercise:The starting position (referred to as position a in your text) and movement (referred to as position b in your text) should be clearly performed and commented on. Some exercises may have a third or c component. Should this be the case, it must be addressed as well. Watch for proper form and movement in your demonstration.The muscles (primary and/or secondary) that are worked in the exercise. You must use the correct medical terminology for the muscles worked. Stating the back or shoulder is not sufficient.Any equipment needed, if applicable to the exercise. Expert tips regarding the exercise such as what to look for when observing someone performing the exercise, what to avoid when performing the exercise, placement of feet or other body parts, safety precautions, etc. Copy and paste the link to your screencast into the discussion post. Do not include it as an attachment. Be prepared before you get in front of the camera as videos should be 10 minutes in length or less. Please also include the written script for this portion within your posting in case there are technical difficulties.  Lastly, briefly describe in writing how your chosen strength exercises improve overall fitness and wellness.  Use at least one reference in your response formatted in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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