Respond to this discussion. 250 words APA cite and ask a questionVeterans and children may also need long-term care. How do their needs compare to those of the elderly? How are long term services paid for among these special groups?   Younger veterans in long term care are there primarily to be rehabilitated.  They may have acquired an illness or an injury while deployed or while they were serving at home.  These individuals may require counseling services as well as physical therapy.  They may also just need help with small day to day tasks at home in learning how to live with a disability.  Children who find themselves need long term care with respiratory problems, feeding problems and other major medical concerns.  These children are supported with long term care by help with day to day activities, help getting to appointments, taking medications on time and even to help support the parents of the child who is need of care.  The projected outcome with children is that they get better and can live a normal and happy life, free from constant medical care. What role does rehabilitation play in the long term care system?“Rehabilitation in nursing homes appears to have two distinct missions: (a) to maintain functional abilities of long-term nursing home residents and thereby enhance their quality of life and (b) to regain the functional independence of patients admitted from hospitals, allowing them to be discharged to home or other independent living (Kochersberger, Hielema, & Westlund, 1994).”  Every patient that is admitted to long term care receives some form of rehabilitation.  The assistance that is provided helps patients have a good quality of life when they can return to their home.  This comes in the form of strengthen exercises, learning how to walk, operate in a wheel chair and learning ways that they can preform day to day functions. References:Kochersberger, G., Hielema, F., & Westlund, R. (1994). Rehabilitation in the nursing home: How much, why, and with what results. Retrieved from

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