Formulate a response to the following: A minimum of two citations are required in the responses 1)The EEOC provides a great deal of resources online for employees to educate themselves. An employee seeking to file any discriminatory complaints against their employer needs to consider the time limit for their particular claim, where to file, and how to proceed with their case. An employee has approximately 180-300 days to file a claim. However, if a violation was made under the Equal Pay Act then the time limit can change to 2-3 years. Once an employee has determined if their claim is within the time limit allowed. He or she can then proceed on filing their claim with the EEOC. Any charge of discrimination against an employer must be filed with the EEOC, except for charges against the Equal Pay Act, before a lawsuit can be filed. Filing can be made in person, by mail or have a third party representative. Online filing is not available but the EEOC does state they provide many online resources. After a claim is filed mediation is provided in hopes of finding a resolution. If no settlement can be made, then case continues to investigation. During investigation if no violation is found the employee receives a letter of Notice of Right to Sue. If a violation was found, then the employer has a chance to rectify the situation with a voluntary settlement. When employer doesn’t comply with the settlement, legal staff handle case to determine if a lawsuit can be filed against the employer. The result could be file lawsuit or if not enough evidence or possibility exist of losing case then employee is given a Notice of Right to Sue. An employer is required to make an employee whole again by paying compensatory damages. The amount of the compensatory depends on the type of violation. If wages where lost, then they liable to pay back the employee. Other remedies would be any expenses incurred such as lawyer fees, court fees etc. When violations are more serious then, punitive damages are a form of punishment to the employer. Compensatory and Punitive damages have a limit on the amount that can be paid off according to how big or small the company is. Law, D. of E. Filing a charge. Retrieved February 8, 2017, from Law, D. of E. (1963). Laws enforced by EEOC. Retrieved February 8, 2017, from According to Kim Abreu, a company can save money by reducing their turnover. Company can spend more money on hiring a new employee (2014). The budget for hiring a new employee could include training, advertising the job, required uniform, and background check. Company can save money by retaining their employees. According to Susan M. Heathfield, providing employees with compensation encourage the employees to stay with the company. The compensation could include paid time off, sick leave, personal time and vacation time. This allows for the employees to find a balance from work and home life (2016). Employees will find comfort in able to call in sick without being fired or take a vacation to refresh their mind and spend time with their family. Abreu, K. (2014). The myriad benefits of diversity in the workplace. Retrieved on February 09 from Heathfield, S. M. (2016). Top 10 human resources trends of decade. Retrieved of February 09 from Answer

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