Individual Assignment 4 Assignment IV.docxStrategic Marketing (I have chosen to do this on Whole Foods Inc. so please write about them)How attractive is your company in the field of competitors? How has it entered the market and how is it positioned to capture a share of the emerging markets? Is this even a strategy for your company?The objective of this assignment is to put you in the position of the decision maker of the development of a product/service strategic plan – if you intend to beat the competition, or in the case of Toyota, revolutionize a market forever.Here are some parameters to guide you in compiling this paper extracted from Chapters 11-13 of the textbook• Building a market plan• Performance road map • Portfolio Diversification• Strategic plan• Market share vs. revenue per customer• Protecting market share• Harvest or divest for cash flow• Relevant articles posted by faculty• Other concepts you identify from the text or from current events related to your company of choice and examples from past class discussions on both weekly topics.Format: APA, Assignment IV Strategic Marketing – see canvas for uploading instructions and due dateFont: Times New Roman Size 12, paper length, 5-6 pages. Cover page and reference page are additional pages and should not be included in the page count.It is expected that papers are written in the third person, contain the proper terminology as used in the text and in class, are spelling and grammatically correct – with a high level of clarity and are referenced appropriately. Refrain from pasting in excerpts from the textbook as this will diminish your grade and could be considered plagiarism – resulting in a failing grade.Separate question:Discussion question: Week 4/ Topic 1 portfolio diversificationWhich products/services does your company’s portfolio contain that can be used strategically to drive sales/profit? Are these product extensions strategically in line with the original brand?I have more assignments to come so keep doing what you do best and I will be back for more!

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