Which of the following statements is INCORRECT regarding regulatory agencies that have some responsibilities in minimizing risks associated with radioactive materials in the United States?2.       Which of the following statements is INCORRECT regarding cyclonite?3.       When emergency responders suspect that a package may contain an explosive, which of these actions should they NOT do?4.       Mercury fulminate is synonymous with:5.       Which of the following statements is INCORRECT regarding a radiological dirty bomb?6.       When washed into a drain, an azide could react with the lead in the piping to form lead azide. Because the detonation of lead azide is likely to destroy a major portion of a sewer system, an azide should not be discharged into a drain. Waste lead azide exhibits the RCRA characteristic of 1) __________. Its treatment, storage, and disposal are regulated by what agency? 2) __________.7.       The DOT regulation at 49 C.F.R. §172.403 requires shippers to affix RADIOACTIVE YELLOW-III labels to a package having a transport index greater than 10 when the maximum radiation level at any point on the surface is greater than 2 mSv/h but less than or equal to 10 mSv/h. Are shippers required to affix RADIOACTIVE YELLOW-III labels to a package having a transport index greater than 10 if the maximum radiation level on its surface is measured to be 13 mrem/min? Yes, or No? 1) __________. What is 13 mrem/min in mSv/hr? 2) __________8.       Potassium-42 is a radioisotope that nutritionists use to determine whether the body is effectively using potassium at the cellular level. The half-life of potassium-42 is 12.4 hours. Assuming that a patient’s cells assimilate all the potassium chloride tagged with potassium-42, approximately what percentage of the dose remains in 2.1 days? __________ .9.       The best means of personal protection from radiation for emergency responders is the implementation of three basic principles: time, distance, and shielding. Using the Inverse Square Law of radiation, what Geiger counter reading would you get for a radioactive material when you are four feet from the source (assume an initial reading of 6300 R at a distance of 1 foot from the source)? __________ R.10.   __________ is a method used to compare the relative effectiveness of different explosives to accomplish a specific task. The detonation of 2.0 kg of tetryl has the same explosive power as 2) __________ pounds of TNT.11.   During the winter months, when the exchange of indoor and outdoor air is limited, 0.00002 mCi of radon is identified on average in each liter of air within a home. What is the World Health Organization’s (WHO) action guideline in pCi/L for protection against acquiring cancer from exposure to radon? 1) __________ Does this concentration exceed the WHO’s action guideline? 2) __________.12.   What are the products formed when nitroglycerin undergoes hydrolysis? 1) __________ and 2) __________.13.   Develop an answer to each of the following explosive related questions, using at least 200 words total for parts a and b. The DOT regulation at 49 C.F.R. §177.835(a) requires shippers and carriers to load and unload explosives from a motor vehicle only when the engine is not operating. What is the most likely reason DOT prohibits operation of the vehicle’s engine during these processes?During an inspection of an abandoned site, a fire marshal discovers the presence of several dynamite sticks within a locked shed attached to a warehouse. Although some sticks are packed within a wooden box, others are lying on shelves. On checking the city’s records, the fire marshal discovers that the building was abandoned 22 years earlier. What immediate actions should the marshal take to protect public health, safety, and the environment? Aside from the explosive nature, discuss the health effects associated with its component nitroglycerin.14.   Discuss the nuclear reactions within the reactor of a nuclear power plant? Contrast the Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima Da-Ichi incidents with respect to the cause of the incident and radiation levels measured after the incident. Your response must be at least 200 words in length.

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